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Haircare Oil

Haircare Oil

Place of Origin:
Viet Nam
300.000 VND
Min.Order Quantity:
100 Ml
Supply Ability:
1 Year
Payment Terms:
COD or bank Transfer
Packaging & Delivery:

Product & Service Description


Ingredients: 100% natural essential oils including grapefruit, lavender essential oil and coconut oil 
Does not contain silicone, alcohol, and other chemicals can aggravate sensitive scalp and hair.
Indication: Treatment of dandruff or damaged by heat. . Styling hair. Keep moist and soft hair, hair breakage prevention. Create layers to protect hair from sunburn. Hair loss treatment. Stimulate more hair growth.
Wet your hair in the shower. Add 4 s of conditioner into your hands and hair. Tilt your head down, smell like melted out of your hands and hair.
Lavender fragrance truly floral, herbs and mild aroma of wood.
Incubate hair: Apply conditioner at night and shampoo the next morning, Or Spread on hair and wash after 30 minutes. This can be repeated every few days for healthy hair.
Styling: Only 3 to 5 s, beaten on the palms and then applied to the hairline first, then spread it, the hair will automatically folds slick on both days.
 Expiration: 2 years / Preservation 15-250C, protected from light.


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Haircare Oil
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