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Cajeput Oil Viet Nam Melaleuca

Cajeput Oil Viet Nam Melaleuca

Place of Origin:
Viet Nam
180.000 vnd
Min.Order Quantity:
100 ml
Supply Ability:
99% 70% Eucalyptol
Payment Terms:
COD or Bank transfer
Packaging & Delivery:
2 days to deliver to HCM city

Product & Service Description

Ingredients 100% essential oil from melaleuca tree.
Uses in aromatherapy and medicinal applications.
Use: Oil Melaleuca has many other uses besides its use in traditional medicine.
Decongestants. Sinus congestion and headaches or sinus generally heavy due.

Strong analgesic effect.
Astringent - co skin and removes excess oil on the surface.

Melaleuca oil is a powerful antioxidant with ORAC antioxidant index 37.000 (μ mol TE / 100 gm) helps protect cells from harmful free radicals.

Anti-inflammatory - reduces inflammation.

Support for the treatment of respiratory diseases including: Cold, cough, flu, infections such as pneumonia, chronic bronchitis or sleep apnea or COPD

Antibacterial - Antifungal - Anti Virus

Protect the nervous system.

Cleaning of teeth and kills many bacteria in the mouth.

Antiseptic - to prevent infection in scrapes and wounds.

Use: Oil Melaleuca has many other uses besides its use in traditional medicine.

+ Oily Skin: Melaleuca Oil is a powerful astringent. A few s of cajeput in water and apply to the face with cotton wool to remove excess oil on the surface.

+ Therapy Aromatherapy: essential oil of Melaleuca diffuse into the air, reduce anxiety and fostering feelings of confidence, reduce nausea and vomiting.

+ Reduce toothache. A few s of tea tree oil on cotton balls. Put the pad in the middle of the tooth pain for quick relief.

+ Sinusitis. For about 20 s of tea tree oil in hot water. Inhalation of oil vapor from the ..

+ Let the tea tree oil to the bath

Note: Always dilute with nuoc.Khong used for pregnant women and babies.

Interactions: There is no record of the interaction of the drug melaleuca oil.

Nutritional information and health

1.8 - cineole 14-69%

α - pinene 8%

β - pinene 1%

Limonene maximum 10%

Linalool 3-4%

Geraniol streak

Testing standards Pharmacopoeia Vietnam

Ability to provide 5,000 kg / year

COA russian

Фарм. Акционерное Общество Натуре Вьетнам
19, 18 ул Линь тьеу вокрук, Тьу Дык район, г. Хошимин



                                СЕРТИФИКАТ АНАЛИЗА
                                                              № 3814
Наименование товара:              Эфир Масло Эвквалиптол96%
Производитель:                          Eobod - CSDG LINH DUONG 
Дата производства:                    06.08.2014
Номер партии:                            010814
Срок годности:                           ـ8.2019
Требование контроля:               Качества
Основание стандарта:               Стандар фабрики
Дата контроля:                           12.02.2014
Прозрачная безцветная или светло-жельтая жидкость, запах Эвквалиптол, тепло-горкий вкус.
Физико-химические показатели:
Преломление cветы в 0 C
Удельный вес                            
Cодержание Cineol            
-4 0  - +1 0
0,910 - 0,923
96% Cineol
Упаковки:   в оловянном баке 200 л
Заключение: Эфир масла Эвквалиптол удовлетворяют по стандартам фар. копеи Вьетнам 4.

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