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Bath salt with Essential Oil

Bath salt with Essential Oil

Place of Origin:
Viet Nam
130.000 vnd
Min.Order Quantity:
Bag of 250 Gram
Supply Ability:
Payment Terms:
COD or Bank transfer
Packaging & Delivery:
2 days to deliver to HCM city

Product & Service Description

Ingredients: 100% natural sea salt, 100% natural oils.


Stretching the skin, so skin lightening.

Renewable and regulate the natural oils of the skin, increases the skins natural sunscreen.

Deep clean the skin from cell receptor and protect skin from pollution, chemicals and other environmental factors.
Acne treatment, acne cure subcutaneously.
Support for the treatment of skin conditions: wrinkles, sunburn, scars, itchy, cracked skin.
How to use:
- Use 1 time per day. Wet your body, gently massage all over your body, and rinse with water.
No need to shower with soap.
Features make it different: high oil content

This means that nothing needs to be added while maintaining adhesion on skin.

* Do not contain any preservatives, So You just can store within 6 months in normal condition. Its fresh. After 6 Months, You have to keep it in refrigerator to keep the essential oils not to fly away.

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