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COCOnut Soap Base

COCOnut Soap Base

Place of Origin:
Viet Nam
25.000 vnd
Min.Order Quantity:
100 Gram Bar
Supply Ability:
5000 kg/year
2 years
Payment Terms:
COD or Bank transfer
Packaging & Delivery:
2 days to deliver to HCM city

Product & Service Description
  • Soap Has no Smell, color. But only COConut.

  • Its so soft and Handmade by our farmers in coutryside

  • PH#7, Perfect for skin that help you stay 5 cold days in Melbern, without using any moisturizing Products

  • Specially for man, because man dont like using lotion

  • Or used for making Handmade soap with the Essential oils that you like

  • Ingredients: 5 oils:
  • coconut oil: White
  • rice bran oil: Green one
  • tamanu oil: Brown one
  • Honey: Orange colour 
  • (Of course its natural colour)
  • Made in Vietnam, easily style the soap, easy to add your favorite essential oil

  • Uses: Moisturizing, soothing the skin, including sensitive skin, skin treatments for each type of oil.

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COCOnut Soap Base
COCOnut Soap Base
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